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Ice Cream Filling Machine

Ice Cream Filling Machine


Our BGJ multifunctional ice cream filling machine is idea for making various kinds of ice cream cones, cup ice creams as well as garland ice cream desserts. Jam and chocolate can be easily added on ice creams. Having advantages of easy cleaning and high efficiency, this ice cream filler is extensively used by medium and large ice cream companies.

Main Technical Parameters

No. Parameters of BGJ Ice Cream Filling Machine Unit BGJ-3A BGJ-2A
1 Output Filling speed Piece/Hour 6500-8000 4500-5500
Weight/piece g 50~500 (Cone ice-cream is 70g/piece)
2 Shape of filling container
Cone and wrapping paper, regular-shape plastic or paper cups
3 Quantity of plate on table Piece 25 25
4 Total plate quantity Piece 60 54
5 Power supply Voltage V 380 380
Frequency Hz 50 50
6 Total power Kw 3 3
7 Compressed air Pressure Mpa 0.6~0.7 0.6~0.7
Consumption m3/min 1.0 1.0
8 Machine weight Ton About 2 About 2
9 Dimension (L×W×H) mm 4500×1500×2500 4500×1500×2500

Note: The increase of filling weight for each cup will cause filling speed reduction.

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