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Ice Cream Freezing Machine

Ice Cream Freezing Machine


Our BNJ-1000 ice cream freezing machine is a kind of continuous ice cream freezer with external cold source, which can be used for manual filling and large-scale automatic production lines. This ice cream freezing machine is equipped with simple bulking control system, efficient and durable self-cleaning slurry transfer pump, and stable and dependable refrigeration system (world renowned brand refrigeration control valves). It is ideal ice cream machinery for production large-scale soft ice creams.

Main Technical Parameters

NO. Parameters of BNJ-1000 Ice Cream Freezing Machine Unit Value
1 Maximum production capacity (expansion rate 100%) L/h 1000

Conditions: Feeding temperature +2-+4
Discharging temperature ≤-4
Evaporating temperature -30
Air-return temperature -34
Oil content ppm <30
2 Refrigerant
3 Cooling capacity Kcal/KW 27000/31
4 Compressed air Pressure MPa ≥0.6
Consumption m3/min 2
Tube mm 6
5 Piping system (External dimensions) Feeding pipe mm 25
Discharging pipe mm 38
Air-return conduit mm 48
Liquid inlet pipe mm 18
Hot ammonia pipe mm 18
Emptying pipe mm 18
Safety pipeline mm 18
6 Power Stirrer motor Kw 15
Feeding pump motor Kw 0.75
Power standard phase/V/Hz 3/ 400/ 50
7 Dimensions(L×W×H) m 1.82×0.83×2.16
8 Net weight Ton 1.3

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